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    • The diversity of aphid parasitoids in East Africa and implications for biological control 

      Woolley, Victoria; Tembo, Yolice; Ndakidemi, Baltazar; Obanyi, Janet; Arnold, Sarah; Belmain, Steven; Ndakidemi, Patrick; Ogendo, Joshua; Stevenson, Philip (Wiley Online Library, 2021-11-18)
      BACKGROUND Hymenopteran parasitoids provide key natural pest regulation services and are reared commercially as biological control agents. Therefore, understanding parasitoid community composition in natural populations ...
    • Field Margin Plants Support Natural Enemies in Sub-Saharan Africa Smallholder Common Bean Farming Systems 

      Ndakidemi, Baltazar; Mbega, Ernest; Ndakidemi, Patrick; Belmain, Steven; Arnold, Sarah; Woolley, Victoria; Stevenson, Philip (MDPI, 2022-03-28)
      Flower-rich field margins provide habitats and food resources for natural enemies of pests (NEs), but their potential, particularly in the tropics and on smallholder farms, is poorly understood. We surveyed field margins ...