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  • Impact of climate change on groundwater recharge in the lake Manyara catchment, Tanzania 

    Nyemboa, Latifa; Larbi, Isaac; Mwabumbaa, Mohamed; Selemani, Juma; Dotse, Sam-Quarcoo; Limantol, Andrew; Bessah, Enoch (Elsevier, 2021-12-15)
    Groundwater account for about 60 to 80% of water supply to the population of Tanzania's semi-arid regions for domestic and agriculture uses. Despite the importance of groundwater resource in semi-arid areas, limited ...
  • Taenia multiceps in Northern Tanzania: An Important but Preventable Disease Problem in Pastoral and Agropastoral Farming Systems 

    Kibona, Tito; Buza, Joram; Shirima, Gabriel; Lankester, Felix; Nzalawahe, Jahashi; Lukambagire, Abdul-Hamid; Kreppel, Katharina; Hughes, Ellen; Allan, Kathryn; Cleaveland, Sarah (MDPI, 2022-08-26)
    Coenurosis due to Taenia multiceps has emerged as a major concern to small ruminant- owning communities in northern Tanzania. Although a high incidence of disease has been reported, gaps still remain in our knowledge of ...
  • Macroinvertebrates 

    Dube, Trevor; Makaka, Caston; Mwaijengo, Grite; Mlambo, Musa; Brendonck, Luc (Elsevier, 2022-01-14)
    This chapter introduces the diversity and community composition of macroinvertebrates occurring in wetlands with emphasis on the permanent and temporary wetlands in the Afrotropical region of the world. The chapter explores ...
  • A Machine Learning Model for detecting Covid-19 Misinformation in Swahili Language 

    Mlawa, Filbert; Mkoba, Elizabeth; Mduma, Neema (Engineering, Technology & Applied Science Research, 2023-06-02)
    The recorded cases of corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic disease are millions and its mortality rate was maximized during the period from April 2020 to January 2022. Misinformation arose regarding this threat, which spread ...
  • Machine learning model for predicting Peste des Petits Ruminants 

    Nyambo, Devotha; Ngulumbi, Nguse; Mduma, Neema; Sinde, Ramadhani; Lyimo, Tumaini (IEEE, 2023-11-16)
    Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) is a viral disease that affects small ruminants and is prevalent in many developing countries, particularly in Africa and Asia. It can spread through direct contact, air, and contaminated ...

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