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    • Genome Scan for Variable Genes Involved in Environmental Adaptations of Nubian Ibex 

      Chebii, Vivien; Mpolya, Emmanuel; Oyola, Samuel; Kotze, Antoinette; Entfellner, Jean-Baka; Mutuku, J. (Springer Nature Switzerland AG., 2021-06-17)
      The Nubian ibex (Capra nubiana) is a wild goat species that inhabits the Sahara and Arabian deserts and is adapted to extreme ambient temperatures, intense solar radiation, and scarcity of food and water resources. To ...
    • Genomics of Adaptations in Ungulates 

      Chebii, Vivien; Mpolya, Emmanuel; Muchadeyi, Farai; Entfellner, Jean-Baka (MDPI, 2021-05-29)
      Ungulates are a group of hoofed animals that have long interacted with humans as essential sources of food, labor, clothing, and transportation. These consist of domesticated, feral, and wild species raised in a wide range ...