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    • Molecular epidemiology of Brucella species in mixed livestock-human ecosystems in Kenya 

      Akoko, James; Pelle, Roger; Lukambagire, AbdulHamid; Machuka, Eunice; Nthiwa, Daniel; Mathew, Coletha; Fèvre, Eric; Bett, Bernard; Cook, Elizabeth; Othero, Doreen; Bonfoh, Bassirou; Kazwala, Rudovick; Shirima, Gabriel; Schelling, Esther; Halliday, Jo; Ouma, Collins (Springer Nature Limited, 2021-04-23)
      Brucellosis, caused by several species of the genus Brucella, is a zoonotic disease that affects humans and animal species worldwide. Information on the Brucella species circulating in different hosts in Kenya is largely ...
    • Serological and molecular evidence of Brucella species in the rapidly growing pig sector in Kenya. 

      Akoko, James; Pelle, Roger; Kivali, Velma; Schelling, Esther; Machuka, Eunice; Mathew, Coletha; Fèvre, Eric; Kyallo, Victoria; Falzon, Laura; Lukambagire, Abdul; Halliday, Jo; Bonfoh, Bassirou; Kazwala, Rudovick; Ouma, Collins; Shirima, Gabriel (BioMed Central Ltd, 2020-05-11)
      Background: Brucellosis is an emerging yet neglected zoonosis that has been reported in Kenya. Epidemiological data on brucellosis in ruminants is readily accessible; however, reports on brucellosis in pigs remain limited. ...