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    • A deconvolutional Bayesian mixing model approach for river basin sediment source apportionment 

      Blake, William; Boeckx, Pascal; Stock, Brian; Smith, Hugh; Bodé, Samuel; Upadhayay, Hari; Gaspar, Leticia; Goddard, Rupert; Lennard, Amy; Lizaga, Ivan; Lobb, David; Owens, Philip; Petticrew, Ellen; Kuzyk, Zou; Gari, Bayu; Munishi, Linus; Mtei, Kelvin; Nebiyu, Amsalu; Mabit, Lionel; Navas, Ana; Semmens, Brice (Scientific Reports, 2018-08-30)
      Increasing complexity in human-environment interactions at multiple watershed scales presents major challenges to sediment source apportionment data acquisition and analysis. Herein, we present a step-change in the ...