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    • Biochar as a feed additive for improving the performance of farm animals 

      Lao, Emanuel; Mbega, Ernest (Malaysian Journal of Sustainable Agriculture (MJSA), 2020-03-10)
      Biochar, also known as biomass-derived char or charcoal is a dark/black carbonaceous material generated from the pyrolysis process under temperature averagely 700 0C and low oxygen levels. Depending on the intended ...
    • The prebiotic potential of brewers' spent grain on livestock's health: a review. 

      Lao, Emanuel; Dimoso, Noel; Raymond, Jofrey; Mbega, Ernest (Springer Nature Switzerland AG., 2020-03-01)
      The increasing interest from the feed as a source of energy towards specific nutrient-yielding compounds in feeds is amongst the latest developments from scientific and industrial communities. Apart from brewers' spent ...