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    • Mass And Energy Balance For Fixed Bed Incinerators 

      Omari, Arthur M; Njau, Karoli N.; John, Geoffrey R; Kihedu, Joseph H; Mtui, Peter L (Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology (JMEST), 2015-09)
      An estimation of mass and energy balance of an incinerator is an important consideration toward the design and operation of the incineration process. This paper is aimed to study the mass and energy balance of a locally ...
    • Potential of municipal solid waste, as renewable energy source : a case study of Arusha, Tanzania. 

      Omari, Arthur M; Kichonge, Baraka N; John, Geoffrey R; Njau, Karoli N.; Mtui, Peter L (International Journal of Renewable Energy Technology Research, 2014-06)
      This paper presents the study of municipal solid waste (MSW) as a potential source of renewable energy in Arusha city. The city of Arusha annual average MSW generated was estimated at 43,772 tonnes. Characterization ...