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    • Prospective cohort study reveals unexpected aetiologies of livestock abortion in northern Tanzania 

      Thomas, Kate; Kibona, Tito; Claxton, John; de Glanville, William; Lankester, Felix; Amani, Nelson; Buza, Joram; Carter, Ryan; Chapman, Gail; Crump, John; Dagleish, Mark; Halliday, Jo; Hamilton, Clare; Innes, Elisabeth; Katzer, Frank; Livingstone, Morag; Longbottom, David; Millins, Caroline; Mmbaga, Blandina; Mosha, Victor; Nyarobi, James; Nyasebwa, Obed; Russell, George; Sanka, Paul; Semango, George; Wheelhouse, Nick; Willett, Brian; Cleaveland, Sarah; Allan, Kathryn (Springer Nature Limited, 2022-07-08)
      Livestock abortion is an important cause of productivity losses worldwide and many infectious causes of abortion are zoonotic pathogens that impact on human health. Little is known about the relative importance of infectious ...
    • The Sero-epidemiology of Neospora caninum in Cattle in Northern Tanzania 

      Semango, George; Hamilton, Clare; Kreppel, Katharina; Katzer, Frank; Kibona, Tito; Lankester, Felix; Allan, Kathryn; Thomas, Kate; Claxton, John; Innes, Elizabeth; Swai, Emmanuel; Buza, Joram; Cleaveland, Sarah; de Glanville, William (Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 2019-09-26)
      Neospora caninum is a protozoan intracellular parasite of animals with a global distribution. Dogs act as definitive hosts, with infection in cattle leading to reproductive losses. Neosporosis can be a major source of ...