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    • Livestock movement informs the risk of disease spread in traditional production systems in East Africa 

      Ekwem, Divine; Morrison, Thomas; Reeve, Richard; Enright, Jessica; Buza, Joram; Shirima, Gabriel; Mwajombe, James; Lembo, Tiziana; Hopcraft, John (Springer Nature Limited, 2021-08-12)
      In Africa, livestock are important to local and national economies, but their productivity is constrained by infectious diseases. Comprehensive information on livestock movements and contacts is required to devise appropriate ...
    • Local and wide-scale livestock movement networks inform disease control strategies in East Africa 

      Ekwem, Divine; Enright, Jessica; Hopcraft, John; Buza, Joram; Shirima, Gabriel; Shand, Mike; Mwajombe, James; Bett, Bernard; Reeve, Richard; Lembo, Tiziana (Springer Nature Limited, 2023-06-14)
      Livestock mobility exacerbates infectious disease risks across sub-Saharan Africa, but enables critical access to grazing and water resources, and trade. Identifying locations of high livestock traffic offers opportunities ...