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    • Microbial Diversity in Bushmeat Samples Recovered from the Serengeti Ecosystem in Tanzania 

      Katani, Robab; Schilling, Megan; Lyimo, Beatus; Tonui, Triza; Cattadori, Isabella; Eblate, Ernest; Martin, Andimile; Estes, Anna; Buza, Teresia; Rentsch, Dennis; Davenport, Karen; Hovde, Blake; Lyimo, Samson; Munuo, Lydia; Stomeo, Francesca; Tiambo, Christian; Radzio-Basu, Jessica; Mosha, Fausta; Hudson, Peter; Buza, Joram; Kapur, Vivek (Scientific Reports, 2019-12-02)
      Bushmeat, the meat and organs derived from wildlife species, is a common source of animal protein in the diets of those living in sub-Saharan Africa and is frequently associated with zoonotic spillover of dangerous ...