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    • Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Chicken Diseases Detection 

      Mbelwa, Hope; Machuve, Dina; Mbelwa, Jimmy (International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, 2021)
      For many years in the society, farmers rely on experts to diagnose and detect chicken diseases. As a result, farmers lose many domesticated birds due to late diagnoses or lack of reliable experts. With the available ...
    • Poultry diseases diagnostics models using deep learning 

      Machuve, Dina; Nwankwo, Ezinne; Mduma, Neema; Jimmy, Mbelwa (Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, 2022-08-01)
      Coccidiosis, Salmonella, and Newcastle are the common poultry diseases that curtail poultry production if they are not detected early. In Tanzania, these diseases are not detected early due to limited access to agricultural ...