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    • White Teeth and Healthy Skeletons for All: The Path to Universal Fluoride-Free DrinkingWater in Tanzania 

      Ndé-Tchoupé, Arnaud Igor; Tepong-Tsindé, Raoul; Lufingo, Mesia; Pembe-Ali, Zuleikha; Lugodisha, Innocent; Mureth, Risala Iddi; Nkinda, Mihayo; Marwa, Janeth; Gwenzi, Willis; Mwamila, Tulinave Burton; Rahman, Mohammad Azizur; Noubactep, Chicgoua; Njau, Karoli (MDPI, 2019-01-12)
      Fluorosis has been prevalent in the great East African Rift Valley (EARV) since before this region was given a name. In the Tanganyika days, Germans reported elevated fluoride concentrations in natural waters. In the ...