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Water quality variation and pollutants transformation in the Nadosoito dam of Arkatani village, Monduli district 1021
A Survey of Machine Learning Approaches and Techniques for Student Dropout Prediction 953
Analysis and Simulations of Nanofluid Flow and Heat Transfer in a Porous Pipe 865
A Framework for Onlines Resources and E-Learning Implementation (OREI) in Tanzania Secondary Schools 829
Performance analysis of standalone solar PV panel: case study of Arusha, Tanzania 538
Design of ECG Sensor Interface for Biosignal Extraction 512
Quantitative recovery of high purity nanoporous silica from waste products of the phosphate fertilizer industry 505
Access to Agricultural Market Information by Rural Farmers in Tanzania 484
Water hardness removal by coconut shell activated carbon 469
On the Identification of Required Security Controls Suitable for Converged Web and Mobile Applications 438

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